How to Choose a General Contractor for a Hotel Remodel or Makeover?

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Carrying out adaptations to a hotel without ceasing to operate normally is a great challenge that the hotel industry faces every time it wants to remodel. Although it is not possible to stop the operation, it is possible to achieve the necessary adjustments efficiently with the help of a General Contractor.  




When remodeling a hotel, the general contractor has to interact with both hotel staff and the guests themselves. This entails a series of challenges in terms of schedules, ways of operating and the discomfort that the activities may cause. However, no matter how complicated the challenge may seem, if the hotel and the general contractor join forces, the desired transformation will be a success.



The key: specific and specialized logistics


A fundamental aspect to achieve the remodeling in a hotel is that whoever is in charge of the operation, is capable of developing a punctual and very detailed logistics that exactly defines the construction phases: how and when they will be executed.


Unlike other types of buildings, hotels require very particular schedules to be able to make adjustments. These are more limited, without the opportunity to extend, because depending on the type of hotel, there are mostly people taking a vacation or simply trying to rest.


Similarly, learning to live with both guests and hotel staff becomes complex. However, strategic planning allows the work to be carried out without affecting the hotel´s day-to-day activities more than the necessary.


These are some essential points that the general contractor must comply with to guarantee that its work will be just what you need.



4 points that a general contractor must meet for a hotel remodeling


  1. Strong work team

In order to achieve the ideal strategic planning for a hotel, you must have a comprehensive work team that allows you to coordinate different activities in less time.


This means that there cannot be a single person who is responsible for the construction of 8 floors of rooms. A good team has different collaborators who are in charge of very specific aspects of the work, for example: control of finishes, supplies, engineering specialists, etc.


In addition, within this team there must be someone who is in charge of having a good relationship with the hotel so that communication is effective.



  1. Construction Vision

As we mentioned at the beginning, the construction of a hotel does not have the same process as the construction of a corporate building.


If the hotel is unable to stop its daily operations, these must be done in stages. Therefore, several areas must be attended to at the same time without having to request more people from time to time.


Therefore, an adequate timetable that respects the schedules of both the hotel staff and the guests is essential. In addition, it is vital that the construction team and the general contractor work in coordination with the hotel operator to prevent the work areas from having an influx of guests.


The more vision the general contractor has regarding planning, time and the number of people he needs to comply with the remodeling of certain areas, the better the operation will be.



  1. Experience with hotels

A hotel, in addition to not being able to stop its operation, has a unique management, which must be understood in order to know how to carry out the remodeling or makeover.


In this way, the contractor will be able to include this knowledge within the design of its logistics and thus determine the ideal work schedule based on the daily activities that are carried out within a hotel.


  1. Attention to details

The image of a hotel is everything; it provides presence and distinguishes it from other establishments. Therefore, a general contractor must take this aspect into account to avoid affecting the physical environment in which staff and guests coexist.


Therefore, it is important to pay close attention even to details that could be considered insignificant, such as the perimeter fence used to cover the area under construction. Although it is impossible to hide a construction site, there are ways to adapt this space so that it is not uncomfortable to look at.



At this point it is also essential that you pay special attention to the cleanliness of the space and ensure that no one outside the work has access to the areas being remodeled. Thus, in addition to the image, risks or dangers for guests and/or hotel staff are also avoided.



If you need adaptations or a total remodeling of your hotel, it is best to work with an experienced general contractor in your industry and at GAYA we can help you.



With more than 36 years of experience in the development of high-level projects, we know how to successfully face the challenges of the hotel industry through a complete team that covers all the positions necessary for this type of construction.



In addition, we are a transparent, ethical company with a vision of what our clients need, and we look for the best alternatives to help them. In this way, we design an adequate and effective logistics plan where we can carry out our work efficiently, but without affecting the operation of the hotel.


If you want to know more about our experience in transforming the hotel industry, contact us and let's start designing a work plan for you!



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